Wednesday, November 16, 2011


In a strange Tokyo location many foreigners as well as local Japanese people are part of a reality/documentary/game show. The dream is cyclic episodic and long. There are many random and free associative aspects to the game. At one point I'm picking up small pieces of jewelry and plastic buttons from a muddy ground. At other times I'm delivering lines in a weird drag, and finally completing some dramatic task driving a fararie to an abandon department store in the midst of a zombie like menace, escaping to the surface and dramatically blowing out a candle. Other sense to occur - previews of up coming games - a boy trapped underwater magically transformed by a submerged box. Vast expanse of water and land. Story of Ernest from my past. A vast expanse of stars gripped in horror. The sense of full cycle. Karma returning. I wake feeling calm renewed and peaceful.

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Location:Spring St,Claremont,United States

Friday, November 4, 2011

A film about film about something else

Dream |drēm| A scenario non-literal or non-linear a logic collective in identity and individual in its dilemma. A parallel or alternate existence and characters - what of them? Distance, the odd taste of synchronicity, metallic, greasy, like biting on an old coin. The unknown and the known compete for your attention. The feeling of falling. Looking through a mirror, a strange awareness staring back. Patches we keep on our skin give us time. The dream is eternal and unedited and much much too bright for our collective eye. Something new is walking through the door...

Held up here in this motel now for six days. My civic duty is to sit here and try to explain it all. But who I am is a matter of speculation. I will write this account from somewhere in the future...